Frequently Ask Question (FAQ)

What is the meaning of Delicatessen?
A store of selling deli meats (fresh and processed) and other foods requiring little or no preparation.


What makes your company unique among other?
All our products  are naturally smoked, natural casing, no artificial flavoring, no artificial coloring and no MSG.


Why your sausage is color brown?
The smoking process gives the sausages its reddish brown color.



Why is it that the sausages need to be smoked?
This is to add smoked flavor which enhances the taste of the meat and casing. 


Why is your Thuringer Bratwurst colour white?
It did not enter to the smoking process but it is fully cooked.


What is the storage of your sausages?
Cooked and Smoked sausages can be stored at chiller.  While fresh sausages should be kept at freezer.  This is to prolonged the shelf life.